My research interests span the fields of labor, health, education, and urban development. A common thread that runs through my work is a focus on the impact of public policy on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Working Papers

Courtney A. Collins and Erin K. Kaplan, “Demand for School Quality and Local District Administration.” Under Review

Erin K. Kaplan, Cameron M. Kaplan, Ilana Graetz, and Teresa M. Waters, “Labor Supply Impacts of the Affordable Care Act: Evidence from Geographic Variation in Premiums.” Under Review

Erin K. Kaplan, “Early Onset Mood Disorders, Human Capital Accumulation, and Labor Market Outcomes in Early Adulthood.” Under Review

“The Effect of School Closures on Neighborhood Development,” with Courtney A. Collins and Rosetta Danielson*

“Maternal Employment Status and Pregnancy Loss,” with Courtney A. Collins and Erin Hart*


Erin K. Kaplan, “Healthcare in the Developing World.” Behavioral and Social Science in Medicine: Principles and Practice of Biophychosocial Care, Forthcoming

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* Denotes undergraduate author